Making Memories For A Lifetime

There are a Few Times in Life When You Want Something Special...

We believe senior pictures is a very special occasion in life. It is one of the few times you are celebrating a meaningful passage that you will want to remember forever. You are young and have the great accomplishment of graduating from high-school under your belt. You have a particular look and a way about you that deserves to be captured now.  

The Process

Our goal is to capture these moments in a fashion that becomes part of the celebration!  Senior photos is a big day! Very little is left to chance. Hair, make-up, clothes and accessories are choices you can make, with assistance from us if you’d like. The photography, however is all on us.  We use the best equipment available, with a wide variety of lens options, off-camera radio controlled lighting, soft boxes, reflectors and filters. The session itself is a mix of traditional and “off the cuff” poses that will be fun to chose from as we put together a beautiful album and build the rest of your collection. Choose from an hour and a half session or a full half day. Plan to shoot at your home in order to take advantage of a full range of poses, outfits and settings;  indoors and out. 

The Celebration

Once the photo shoot is completed, the edited images will then be selected for your album. The editing is an art in itself; no heavy photoshopping rather simple tasteful touchups that allow you to relax and be comfortable during the shoot. Why an album? Because it is meant to last a lifetime.  What if you were a senior fifteen years ago and all of your pictures were on a floppy disc? Technology changes. An album augmented with prints and digital files covers all the bases. Even more importantly, the album allows you to tell a story about who you are in a beautiful artistic way.  Different looks, different settings, all crafted into a book you’ll share with friends and family over a lifetime. 

You don’t get to do it over again.  Remember this special time in a very special way.